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What I Learned This Week

F’ Off, Pearson

And, it failed to create my course. Thanks, Pearson.

And, it failed to create my course. Thanks, Pearson.

Pearson Interfaces Are Abysmal

Pearson has decided to make it harder on teachers to use MyMathLab. Personally I don’t mind because I’d like our department mandate to go away. The harder they make it to use the better. So, now it takes multiple clicks after logging in to get to a class.

But, it gets better. When copying a course the button right next to the search window does not do the implied search. If only Pearson had access to instructional designers…

Final Test for Today

Final Test

OK Here is what I plan.

Create a document with many features

I will have a multiple headers, a table, some equations a bulleted list and so on.

I will save it as html on the desktop.

Here is a bulleted list and some equations for no good reason. The list was screwing up the TOC for some reason. I pulled it.

A=\pi r^2

I will upload it to WordPress as html and fix the equations.

Having a numbered list and a bulleted list seems to be a sin.

I’ll leave it for now just to see if I can get this to work.

Maybe Only New Posts Use Markdown after Activation




More testing

A super lot of testing

My Classroom Site

I needed a space after the headings. TOC does not work. I need to use latex to make equations. I guess I can build these in StackEdit, convert to html and then fix all the equations until I find a better solution.

Dropping Some Mark Down



##More testing

###A super lot of testing

My Classroom Site

Experimenting with Stack Edit


More testing

A super lot of testing

My Classroom Site

I made this in StackEdit, saved as HTML, opened the file, nabbed the source and posted it here. Let’s see what happened. (It looks like it ate the equation, but did the rest right.

It deleted:

<p><script id=”MathJax-Element-2″ type=”math/tex”>\sqrt[3]{x^2}=x^\frac23script>p>

So, I need to see if I can get that to work in WordPress.

Edit: Trying \sqrt[3]{x^2}=x^\frac23


The thing I tried that worked was putting latex in brackets around the formatting and a closing latex in brackets. I will next make a post using just the markdown from Stackedit to see if that works.

Removing Barriers to Student Success

Expectancy, value, cost interventions will be on hand out. Interventions are not tested yet. 

Power Math Camp

It is lazy day for posting at AMATYC. 

LIFT – a high school project has 12 days in July. It is very different than the usual. 

Scaling Co-Requisite Models to Additional Pathways


Gary  Sigler et al from Texas State at Waco

Intermediate-College Algebra was their original co-req pairing. They had 4 weeks of developmental review (intensive intermediate algebra) followed by 10 weeks of College Algebra with additional just-in-time review. These are co-taught. I’m not sure if they have two teachers funded by magic*, or by high enrollment. It sounds like they have student tutors in there, too. (I’m having trouble understanding exactly what happens). Based on pictures it appears it is funded by magic*.

(We had a sidetrack on desks that can be written on with dry erase markers. There was no discussion of mess.)

They now have something called a Gen Ed Practicum that goes the first few weeks before College Algebra or Trigonometry. They have a MLA pairing, but it is not team taught.

I’m having trouble following and don’t expect to have much applicable to us. They just add an hour and some computers it seems. They are also able to fund the multiple tutors, and teachers.

*OK, the funding magic is explained- Texas funds based on how much the students make over minimum wage. The administration is willing to double fund because these students are likely to make more money and hence return more money. This is specific to this school. We have learned that there are 24 students in these classes. And there are multiple tutors (Perkins funded because of the school type).









I’ll update as I learn interesting things.

  1. Hawkes has stopped pretending that not having internet is a feature. They are updating their content to make it accessible as well. They can now be taken seriously again (maybe). Their new marketing approach is clever, too. They are essentially attacking Pearson over their older technology that is not accessible, in particular Flash.